North Drift update

An update on the North Drift improvement works

The North Drift, the last accessible part of the old Loftus Mine, is one of the highlights of our experience. Over the past couple of months, extensive improvement works have been taking place to restore the drift to its former glory and enhance the experience for our visitors.


A new brick tally cabin and wall is now built where the old metal tunnel walkway used to be. This has been completed with recycled bricks to make the entrance to the drift look like it may have done when it was an active mine. The next stage is to take away the concrete at the entrance and on the floor of the drift itself so that the structure can be returned to its original headroom.


The North Drift improvements are just the first stage of the exciting improvements CIMM will see over the next year. You can keep up with regular updates on the improvement works on our social media; @CIMMuseum on Facebook and @visitCIMM on Twitter.