Winter weather causes serious building damage at Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

A statement on the recent building damage

Following the thaw earlier this week, part of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum’s historic upcast building has suffered significant structural damage caused by the freeze-thaw effect.  At 5am on the morning of 21st March, the domed roof of the 1910 upcast suffered structural failure.

Graham Banwell, Director of Operations and first on the scene, said “the public will be aware that this is a serious blow for our museum.  However, we wish to reassure everybody that we are taking all appropriate safety measures and we are being fully supported by the appropriate authorities.

Unfortunately, and with great regret, the museum site will be closed to the public whilst essential safety checks are carried out to ensure the structural integrity of the site.”

Father Adam Gaunt , chair of the museum trustees, said “ this is a sad moment for us but we will emerge from this a stronger, more resilient museum and see this as an opportunity to strengthen and modernise our buildings and visitor experience.”

We are pleased to announce that we will be running an exhibition over the Easter holidays. This will be at Loftus Town Hall from 29th March until Easter Monday (2nd April).  This exhibition will be free to the public.

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