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Holliday and Pigeons

Leslie ‘Pem’ Holliday and Pigeons


Pem Holliday (1933-2013) was a lifelong resident of Skinningrove. His daughter Dawn has these recollections of her dad’s devotion to pigeons:After World War Two, dad still lived at Cliff Terrace but by then he was working on ‘the belt’ at the local steelworks and keeping pigeons. Corn was still rationed because of the war and the allowance was 12lb per week. Bill Dawson would inform dad when beans were being sold at Hinderwell; dad would walk there for a stone of them then walk all the way back, a total of about 14 miles. He got the beans at the first farm on the left as you go into Hinderwell from Staithes. Sometimes dad would look for ears of corn and peas in the fields then slough the ears so he could feed his pigeons.

Here’s an entry from Dawn’s diary:

20 September 2004 – Me, dad and Joe (dad’s great grandson) went to feed the ducks today. On the way back, dad said it was 53 years to the day since he joined the Army. He was in it for two years and for the first 18 months he was paid £2 1s 6d each week. He used to send 10s 6d home to Bronco, his brother, to feed the pigeons.